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transcosmos America: Elevating the Contact Center with Intelligent Systems

Tom Coshow, Managing Director
All organizations, whether established global brands or unknown startups, are driven to reduce cost while improving their product and customer experience. A majority of that drive in recent years has focused on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Here at ES Outlook we’ve spoken with and written on these industry trends and the organizations that are providing real-world tools to help with their successful execution. Given what has been written on the topic of automation you’d be forgiven for thinking that contact centers are quickly being replaced by these new technologies. To the contrary, what we’ve found is that the best and the brightest in the contact center industry are actually embracing it.

One of the leaders in the convergence of traditional contact center services and technology is Tom Coshow of transcosmos OmniConnect. Emerging from the 50 plus year history of Japan-based global BPO leader transcosmos, Coshow and OmniConnect are tasked with growing a best-in-class BPO in the Americas with a focus on technology. The company has an extensive service record in diverse industries with an upper hand in the e-commerce, tech support, and telematics space. From inbound to outbound services, social CRM, back-office, and non-voice support to consulting, transcosmos can tailor-make a solution to fit nearly any client's specific business needs.

With client satisfaction and technological integration as governing values, transcosmos delivers services through small to medium-sized contact centers around the U.S. and supplemented by additional global locations. “We want to drive exceptional quality through these smaller yet culturally strong sites and leverage the inherent diversity to provide greater creativity and redundancy for our partners,” begins Coshow. All the company’s services from phone systems, workforce management, to training are backed by powerful cloud-based technology for seamless delivery whether domestic, near, or offshore.

By keeping the core technology in the cloud, OmniConnect is better positioned to integrate with partners, provide blended service across locations, and connect to other emerging technologies. For example, a global wireless customer of OmniConnect maintains high customer experience scores, while realizing significant cost benefits from blending agents in the US and Philippines.

At the onset of every project, transcosmos conducts a thorough analysis of a client’s existing tools, the challenges that need to be addressed, and the ultimate goal at hand. “Our goal is to enhance an organization's customer experience in every possible way, not just to recreate every aspect of the client’s internal processes,” says Coshow. During this process Coshow and the OmniConnect team will take the time to help a customer understand where agents are the best solution and when technology can fill the gap more efficiently without sacrificing experience.
“Contrary to popular belief, where RPA and AI are expected to take over the workforce, we believe that technology will augment human intelligence and conversely human intelligence will augment technology. Live agents are indispensable when it comes to training AI systems, making them smarter, and filling in when a machine fails,” explains Coshow. As such, OmniConnect places immense importance on training agents on understanding the customer’s mindset, not just the business processes.

“Location of the agents is less relevant today. Our clients always feel as though they are in the same building as the agents due to our cloud-based technology.”

To substantiate their value proposition, Coshow gives an example of a prominent e-commerce client that had very little infrastructure to help them grow in the U.S. market. transcosmos designed a customer experience inclusive of the client’s physical stores and e-commerce site. Based on the strength and quality of the initial solution, the client’s presence grew in the US, as did the required support team. Eventually, transcosmos proposed leveraging a site in Manila to manage the excess costs. Due to customer experience concerns by the client, the volume shift to the Philippines was slow, but after seeing the steady maintenance of high customer satisfaction and strong US management via cloud-based management tools, more and more volume was brought to the Philippines. Eventually, more than half the volume was handled in Manila, thanks to the deep understanding of customer mindset and transferrable business processes that the US team developed. The client not only achieved enhanced quality in terms of customer service but also witnessed significant cost benefits and operational efficiency.

Our communication channels, workforce management systems and training tools are backed by powerful AI and cloud-based technology for seamless delivery of onshore, near-shore, or offshore support

In addition, as a one-stop contact center service provider, transcosmos also offers outbound sales support which generates leads, nurtures customer growth, and drives additional profit out of the client's contact center. But what's even more fascinating is that transcosmos at its core is a technology transformation company. To fully support e-commerce clients in the US, transcomsos also has a digital marketing agency called Digital Operative headquartered in San Diego and focused on product branding, e-commerce platform development, and customer acquisition.

The road ahead is characterized by even bigger growth prospects for transcosmos as they continue to integrate with new technology providers to further improve customer experience through the connection of live agents to AI and RPA. The company is already making headway with bot scripting and AI based quality assurance but don’t worry, there are still agents behind both of those solutions so you can rest comfortably knowing your customers are being helped with an efficient and human experience.

With their leading-edge technology, commitment to customers, and state-of-the-art services, transcosmos is representative of the face of next-gen contact centers.

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transcosmos and InterFactory releases eCHUB powered by ebisumart to provide up-to-date, optimizable, and customizable e-commerce one-stop services.

FREMONT, CA: When more than terabytes of informative data are being uploaded regularly in the marketing atmosphere, it becomes increasingly difficult for a company to emulate the storage capacity with accelerating information. To solve the imbalanced repository, transcosmos, an outsourcing service provider, has entered into an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) agreement with InterFactory, a cloud-based e-commerce platform. Furthermore, the associated protocol has introduced eCHUB, a transcosmos' integrated e-commerce platform, which provides seamless storefront, order management, warehouse management, and call tracking functionalities. Additionally, with the support of ebisumart's e-commerce ecosystem, eCHUB can optimize its developmental framework.
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