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Top 10 Contact Center Services Companies - 2017

Evolve IP: The Game Changers in the Contact Center Space

Scott Kinka, CTO
The rapid adoption of new communication channels has laid waste to traditional call centers. Customers now demand a seamless experience across all channels, and to keep their accounts and prospects happy, organizations have been forced to make massive changes to their approach to customer engagement.

Evolve IP, an analyst-noted cloud strategy and solutions company is providing leading contact centers with customized solutions that leverage best-of-breed features like omni-channel routing, workforce management, rich application integrations, and advanced business intelligence, to help contact centers operate at the top of their game.

“Most vendors simply drop their generic ‘one-size-fits-all box’ off at the door without ever having worked with executives to tailor a solution that reflects enterprise-wide business goals. However, Evolve IP is different. We work closely with enterprises, understand their business needs and create a customized, easy-to-use, optimal solution that meets their organization’s requirements,” says Scott Kinka, Chief Technology Officer, Evolve IP.

Evolve IP, headquartered in Wayne, Pennsylvania, delivers both cloud communications and cloud computing solutions. Their contact center solution, also known as the ‘Evolve Contact Suite (ECS)’ is uniquely positioned in the market with its capability to be deployed on top of a customer’s current phone system or be seamlessly integrated with Evolve IP’s hosted PBX and unified communications solution.

With ECS, businesses can lower TCO, reduce maintenance headaches, increase ROI, get immediate access to new features, easily scale up or down to meet business fluctuations, and more. Also, ECS offers call / screen recording and voicemail solutions for clients with compliance requirements (like HIPAA and PCI).

ECS’s advanced features provide contact center leaders with powerful real-time control and visibility of their agents along with rich operational insights that can’t be achieved with cumbersome on-site equipment and systems. “While Evolve IP can integrate with over 40 applications out of the box, our strength comes in our willingness to work with the customer on their specific requirements, develop custom integrations and call flows and work with unique networking/deployment scenarios”, says Kinka.

Their integrated capabilities and tools address multi-channel interactions, deliver improved customer care and increase upsell/cross-sell opportunities with:

• Omni-channel: The ability to provide customers the flexibility to communicate with clients using their preferred channel – calls, text/SMS, email, web chat, web call back, and social media

• Call Recording & Quality Management: The ability to record all or some of the agent’s calls and screen interactions, assign tags for QA/workflow purposes, and evaluate agents via custom scorecards

• Reporting & Business Intelligence: The capability to leverage real-time reports in an ad-hoc or scheduled manner and connect operational data sources for a holistic view of organization’s operations

We work closely with enterprises, understand their business needs and create a customized, easy-to-use, optimal solution that meets their organization’s requirements

• Contact History: The delivery of a comprehensive, integrated contact history across all channels, CRM applications and interactions

• Callbacks& Surveys: The flexibility to offer callers the convenience of a callback instead of waiting for an agent and the option to take a survey at the end of the call to understand caller experience

• Visual Call-Flow: The capability to build advanced and intuitive call flows via a visual workflow tool for self-service applications, data driven routing and personalized customer interactions.

• Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery: The opportunity to operate contact centers regardless of technology, power or carrier failures

• Work from Anywhere: The ability to allow agents and supervisors to operate from any location without any loss of functionality

• Security & Compliance: The delivery of a secure and compliant platform that has passed rigorous regulatory audits

Evolve IP has delivered tailored solutions including migration, implementation, and training plans for over 1,500 enterprises and more than 210,000 users. By providing highly customized and integrated services that focus on customers’ current and future needs, Evolve IP is able to achieve a 98 percent retention rate and 95 percent customer satisfaction rate.

Evolve IP’s cloud solutions are third party audited for major compliance regulations including HIPAA / HITRUST, PCI, SOC 2, ITAR and more. What differentiates them from their competitors is their ability to allowbusinesses to deploy multiple services such as disaster recovery, unified communications, contact center, virtual servers, virtual desktops, infrastructure as a service etc.
What’s next for Evolve IP? In the last few months, Evolve IP has expanded development and operation through merger and acquisition in countries such as Israel, Australia and Europe. They are planning to expand their global footprint to target emerging enterprise market opportunities and to support the current growth of its customer base. While international expansion has been the hallmark of their efforts over the last six months, another big area that they are focusing on is the release of a whole set of new contact center tools.

“Today, customers are not only looking to use their preferred channel of communication such as email, chat, phone, social, web call back and text/SMS but are also looking for these channels to be integrated in order to give them a blended user experience. While Evolve IP is enhancing our chat and email channels, most of our energy is focused around developing the social interaction channel and giving users exactly what they are looking for - a blended channel experience” says Kinka.

Recently, Evolve IP was listed by Inc. magazine as one of the fastest growing private companies. By being named in this list for the fifth time, Evolve IP earned a spot on the 2017 Honor Roll – a distinction fewer than a tenth of Inc. 5000 honorees achieve. In addition to being named to this year’s Inc. 5000, Evolve IP has received numerous national recognitionsfrom leading analysts, technology vendors and publications.

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