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Centurean: Automating Self-service for Swift Issue Resolution

Joanna Johnson, , Centurean, CEOJoanna Johnson, , CEO
Instead of dialing the support center number and jostling through the IVRS, many customers today prefer to read or watch the support material and try to resolve the issue by themselves. Meanwhile, supporting the repetitive queries can take up much of contact centers’ working hours and result in increased expenditure. But this is not the state of affairs for the clientele of Centurean. With self-service automation, Centurean aims at cutting down the time and cost required to settle repeating queries, thereby enabling faster issue resolution.

Once the self-service is automated, the human interference gets minimized, and that is a “sigh of relief for many,” says Joanna Johnson, CEO of Centurean. “We value your customer’s time. Our systems are routinely analyzing the data we collect about your product and store that in our database. So whenever there is a recurring query we use the data to provide better and faster support,” she adds. The annual revenue loss of businesses are at a staggering $41 billion, due to sub-par customer service, indicating the necessity of better customer service. And with implementations like self-service automation, the condition can only get better from here.

The vast array of services that Centurean offers is not just limited to self-service automation alone; rather, it covers the entire spectrum of contact center services. Phone, email, chat and video-based support, along with social media monitoring and support automation are few of the services offered by Centurean.
Nathan Curlee, VP of Engineering
But what sets the company apart from the competitors is its customer-centric approach. “The key to solving the problem is understanding its root cause. Then we need to see what the alternatives are so that we can translate the challenges into value for the customer.” Johnson comments.

The award-winning Centurean team consists of the best and brightest employees having more than 15 years of contact center experience. To ensure business optimization, Centurean assigns one or more project managers to work with the customer to understand the product and become an expert on it. Then they use that expertise to create excellent support systems for the clients. At the same time, the Centurean data analyst team offers in-depth reporting for the customer to monitor metrics like customer satisfaction rate and contact center service level.

Currently, Centurean is looking at optimizing the contact center services even further and establish their name as an industry stalwart. With processes like self-service automation, support automation already at place, Centurean is looking at introducing newer technologies to the contact center industry. What helps Centurean bridge the gap between technological innovations and the contact center industry is the customer-centric approach. However, this approach is not only limited to Centurean’s clients; it extends to the client’s customers as well. In Johnson’s words, “With the Centurean experience, you are happy and your customers are happy, so everyone wins.”


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