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Top 10 Contact Center Services Companies - 2017

Callzilla: Call Centre Technology for Enhanced Customer Experience

Neal Topf, President
Customer support plays an ineluctable role in today’s competitive business landscape. This has resulted in a plethora of call center technologies; however, selecting and implementing the right technology and running an effective operation are still wearying tasks for many organizations. The Miramar, Florida, headquartered Callzilla—a full-service outsourced contact center services firm—solves these problems. The company designs, and executes comprehensive customer care and technical support solutions to retain customers and build loyalty. Incorporated in 2005, Callzilla has served more than 100 top brands across industries—handling their inbound customer communications, managing back office processes, and conducting outreach programs.

Speaking about the company’s three proprietary systems, Neal Topf, President, adds, “In every client engagement solution, our proprietary systems work behind the scenes to continuously improve customer experience and quality of services.” The first proprietary system—Callzilla Quality System™tracks performance at the most granular level and generates recommendations on improving customer experience and client services. The insights generated by the system provide timely choices on refining offers, messaging, policies, staffing, agent training, and more. On the other hand, Callzilla Talent System™ is a talent acquisition and retention platform supporting a 9-step hiring process, individually tailored performance goals, ongoing training and coaching, gamification and e-learning processes, yielding 3x lower employee turnover than average contact centers. The third the proprietary system, Callzilla’s Technology System™, intelligently routes voice, email, and chat interactions and supports texting and other channels of communications in handling customer queries.

Callzilla serves as an outsourced customer service team for its clients. With its BPO™ suite of services, Callzilla helps companies acquire and care for customers across communication channels and four different languages. Callzilla’s skilled representatives excel at enhancing the customer experience by communicating with customers through the channels they prefer and offering high quality, resolution and satisfaction based service—all following ISO 9001:2008 certified quality management system and compliance with HIPPA and PCI DDS standards.

In every client engagement solution, company’s proprietary systems work behind the scenes to improve customer experience and quality of services

These services are especially useful to clients handling recurring financial transactions and member and subscriber applications. Callzilla CARE™ is yet another suite of services enabling companies to deliver world-class customer care and 24x7 technical support. Top brands in e-commerce, health & beauty, software, telecommunications, media, and entertainment leverage Callzilla Care as their outsourced front-end customer-facing team.

With its proprietary systems and outsourced customer services, Callzilla has until now served a long list of clients. Some of its elite clients include a leading apparel retailer, a cosmetics company, a record label, an ed tech company, and a fin tech lender specialized in disrupting access to capital.

Prior to his entrepreneurial journey in Callzilla, Neal had worked with another famous disruptive company back in the telecom heyday, MCI. His years of accumulated experience has substantially helped Callzilla to be one of the world's top-ranked outsourced contact centers as well as receive the most coveted awards in the industry for its quality and performance. Awards like ‘Best Contact Center Outsourcing Provider,’ ‘MVP Quality Award Gold,’ ‘Top 50 Thought Leaders to Follow’ and many others along with testimonies from satisfied clients reflect the company’s standing in the industry. One of the testimonies from the CEO of their fin tech client reads, “Great production numbers – best I’ve seen. Thank you for how you do business. Our entire team is very pleased with the progress we are making with Callzilla and we plan to expand the partnership.”

Currently, Callzilla is interested in enhancing its omnichannel capabilities, including bots and AI offerings as well as adding additional capacity in another contact center location. Striking client satisfaction ratio and an overwhelming inclination of the clients to work with Callizilla propel Callzilla’s continued growth trajectory and successful track record.

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