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Call 4 Health: Practicing Patient-First Approach

Joseph Pores, CEO
A business that keeps its clients atop its priority list can never fail to succeed. Similar is the story of Call 4 Health, a healthcare venture by Joseph Pores, who precisely understands the needs of the industry. His journey in the healthcare sector started while he was taking care of his mother, an experience that introduced him to many loopholes that then existed on contact center assistance for patients. While he felt that the industry needed a lot better than it had back then, he had the courage to create that experience for the patients himself. As an outcome, Call 4 Health was founded to provide contact center assistance to patients in a way that they feel respected and valued.

Pores adds, “We ensure that every patient feels respected, understood, feels listened to, and feels that the organization I just contacted cares about me as an individual.” Keeping in line with this ideology, the company offers appointment scheduling and switchboard services along with other medical answering services and automated solutions. The company helps in scheduling appointments for patients through its centralized appointment desk. This is an area that every medical facility desires due to attention, owing to multiple factors such as no-show rates, cancellations, and extensive wait time for patients. Call 4 Health deals with these problems efficiently to not just help the patients but also the healthcare institutions in reducing the costs and increasing the ROI.

The hospital switchboard services, on the other hand, are focused on managing the call transfers. Through these services, the calls at a specific healthcare facility can be managed from remote locations as if they are being taken from the facility itself. These services include features such as call monitoring, call routing, and voicemail delivery. Call 4 Health’s capabilities serve healthcare organizations as a business process outsourcing company.

Pores believes the healthcare industry needs to change—it needs to place the patients before anything else

Their team makes sure that every call is received or even missed is taken care of. More importantly, they ensure that every patient is engaged and is provided proper assistance.

The company’s capable portfolio of call center services has been of great assistance to their clients— one of which is Mary’s Center, an institution that provides medical and dental care to low-income areas. They outsource all their in-bound contracts to Call 4 Health, both on the medical and dental side. Having associated with Call 4 Health, Mary’s Center has witnessed exponential growth.

In its presence of over two decades, Call 4 Health has created many such success stories for its clients. With an approach to place the patients first, they have built a team trained in almost all the medical platforms available in the market at present. Another major factor that drives the company’s growth is the idea first to understand what the clients’ need. Pores believes there is no one size fits all approach for the company. Their team thus comprehends the critical needs of every medical institution they associate with and accordingly offers the solution.

In an industry which is often considered a slow adopter of technology, Call 4 Health comes as an aide which with its HIPAA compliant 24/7 call center, provides uninterrupted quality support. Consequently, the company has been able to draw a consistent growth chart for itself over the years. Pores believes the healthcare industry needs to change—it needs to place the patients before anything else, and Call 4 Health is consistently working towards making it happen through its services. Talking about the company’s growth, Pores contentedly adds, “We have been fortunate, and we grow a lot on an annual basis. We just opened a new facility and we are currently looking at adding additional locations in the very near future.”


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