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Top 10 Contact Center Services Companies - 2017

Allied Global: Tailored-Made Contact Center Services

Manuel Gordo Julia, Global CEO
One of the largest pre-paid cell phone providers in the U.S. required finding a way to handle seasonality. It turned toward Allied Global; the largest contact center in Central America. Allied Global provided inbound, outbound, back office, and email services in English and Spanish to handle customer care related to the launch of new products and brands. Nine years hence the relationship was forged, Allied Global supports six brands for the customer and has evolved from being “the outsourcing provider to one of their top business partners.” With 25 years of experience in the U.S., the firm is considered one of the most reliable long-term outsourcing business partners for Fortune 500 as well as start-ups. Manuel Gordo Julia, Global CEO, Allied Global, puts forth the success story of a growing processing company to corroborate the statement. The customer’s application was on in its initial development phase, and it required scalable and flexible back office processing services. “Allied Global provided my company with more than just a reliable outsourcing team; they truly became a partner in our business with their tireless work to ensure customer happiness with our product,” is how the Head of Operations of the processing company describes the relationship.

Allied Global caters to both B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-consumer) organizations striving to ensure clients’ business continuity and data security in a scalable and sustainable way. Manuel believes that his firm’s operations being handled by a privately held shareholder group allow Allied Global to provide agile, flexible and innovative solutions irrespective of a client’s vertical or size. With an experience of over two decades catering to long-term client relationships, Allied Global aims at providing best technology solutions at a competitive price.

With 25 years of experience in the U.S., Allied Global is considered one of the most reliable long-term outsourcing business partner for Fortune 500 as well as Startups

Allied Global leverages its vast knowledge and experience and provides quality assurance services to its clients and monitors the operations which help it to develop strategies and improve a client’s performance. The company strives to leverage the latest technology has to offer and currently employs machine learning, chatbots, and sentiment analysis with artificial intelligence to enhance customer experience. “We also manage an IoT platform that allows us to improve the environment of the production floor, helping us correlate the different KPIs of our clients, thus creating the perfect environment for each one,” says Manuel. Allied Global uses big data mining and analytics to improve its services and identify trends, processes, and best practices which can be applied to their accounts. In addition to underlining technological aspects, the company equally emphasizes on its human resources. This outlook has led them to be recognized as one of the best places to work in the region.

Allied Global envisions long-term business growth for its clients through technical support and IT services. The firm provides traditional as well as non-traditional contact center and BPO solutions including inbound and outbound sales, customer care, technical support, IT services and back office through preferred end user channels such as voice, live chat, email or text. The company last year has expanded into the IT services business vertical, specializing across the entire spectrum of database lifecycle, from design, implementation, and development of administration and optimization. “We consider ourselves technologically proactive not reactive, and we take our clients’ data security, both in motion and at rest, very seriously,” Manuel concludes.

To learn more about Allied Global BPO please visit www.alliedglobalbpo.com

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